Artistic Statement

I am easily inspired. There is so much in our world that takes my breath away, seeps into my thoughts, and motivates me to paint or create something of my own. When I paint, I paint for me. I reflect on the world as I wish it to be. Or I enjoy finding an old, useless item and bringing it back to life. I feel free to create the very things I personally find beautiful.


From the moment I have an idea or a range of colors in my mind I want to see come together, this is when my creative process starts. I mainly work with acrylic and heavy body paints with gels, and other medias that help create texture. I'm very generous with my paint, meaning I use a lot of layers. When I paint, I paint what I like, I paint for me and I know I won't be disappointed, because it's what I am inspired to create. I try to create the world as I wish it to be when I paint.


My paintings range from bold colors to soft palettes. I tend to outline in black giving it a contemporary flair. When I'm inspired by fashion, I like to add a bit of flamboyant to my choice of colors and statement. My landscape paintings have an eastern look with a whimsical effect to create what I see lacking within the landscape. My figurative/abstract paintings tend to have a soft color palette, which allows me to create a different style and mood. All my life I have enjoyed transforming something old or useless and bringing it back to life. Most of my artwork, paintings and other home décor pieces can be found at my Residential Home Studio and my website.