Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lucy Roman?

Lucy Roman is a well-traveled artist who most recently finds herself creating canvases in Amman. She recently established an art studio here that allows her to fully practice and share her passion.

What styles does Lucy use in her paintings?
Lucy focuses on whimsical pieces that incorporate vibrant colors and styles. Her creations exhibit a flair for the abstract that is contemporary and attention grabbing.

What are Lucy’s major inspirations for her work?
Lucy’s inspiration comes from her family, international travels, and work experience. Her children and husband form the basis of her passion, guiding her to create fanciful pieces. Her international travels have imbued her mind with many beautiful landscapes from which she draws her inspiration, while her previous careers have instilled in her a drive to dedicate herself to her work.

How can I purchase a piece?
Browse the gallery and select the piece you would like to purchase. The item will be added to your cart and from there you can check out with your item(s) or continue shopping.