Hola and Welcome, Im delighted you are here

“My life as an artist has been a long journey of staying true to my passion. I can honestly say it’s the one area of my life I have felt the
most empowered in. I am not sure when this epiphany came to me, but I have come to realize that I have always been creative. The sense of joy that I experience when I paint, the amazing feeling of empowerment once I finished, was simply wonderful. Allo
wing myself to have fun, to explore, to make a mess, to eventually make something out of nothing, and create paintings I love has been such a blessing. Every time I begin to create a painting, it gives me the freedom to choose, to open up, to control, give up control, go with the flow, be playful, be Me!

This is truly the very essence of who I am. My paintings truly reflect my vibe. In my classroom I’m an open book, ready to offer all my tips, tricks, and knowledge. “ Lucy