Artist Bio

I am Lucy Roman; a painter, educator, motivator, mother of two and married to my amazing husband. My career as an artist has evolved every time I have had to relocate my family. Our kids were born in Munich, Germany, and raised in Amman, Jordan, where I integrated with an expat community. From the lush green forests of Germany to the desert terrane in Jordan, I have been inspired by the beauty of nature, her colors, and wonder. My life’s journeys overall has been filled with amazing experiences that have not only cultivated my life, but my artistic style too. 

Now that I am back in the Midwest, I have brought back with me an abundance of worldly experience, and eagerness to share my paintings and knowledge with students.

Currently I am living in Greendale, Wisconsin, surrounded by beautiful parks, landscapes, waters like Lake Michigan and different local animals. This daily connection with nature keeps me inspired and gives me great appreciation for life, which is all highlighted throughout my work. 

Art is my life; it keeps me balanced, inspired and joyful. Sharing my experience, creations and a space with others completes me as I wish to share the beauty of my life experiences with others. Each time I show up to paint, it’s like receiving an invitation to play, let loose and create with the passion of a child. I love signing my paintings, and knowing there is no other one like it in the world. I am truly grateful that I am not alone on this journey, and I can share this passion with those I love and care for.


I love teaching art classes and inspiring young artists to stay true to their art. 

I always paint with background music.

I like creating recycled art.