My early beginnings

My first formal education in Art was high school; art period for me was the highlight of each day. I was the student who lingered way past the sound of the bell, and the student who occasionally entered an art contest. When my senior year finally arrived, a lack of clarity left me unprepared, and unsure as to how or where my creative drive would lead me

After graduating High School, I decided to attend the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin, as an art student. For two years’ I enjoyed learning the fundamentals of Art, and its’ deep rich history. At the end of my sophomore year, I started to have doubts about my art degree, after much contemplation and guidance; I ended up graduating with a bachelor’s in business administration from Suffolk University.

Soon after graduation, came marriage. My husband (Imad) successful career took us to Munich Germany, and eventually we came to settle in Amman Jordan, where we currently reside along with our lovely daughter Sara, and son Abdallah.

Blending 16 years of painting, and exploring a myriad of artistic approaches, has firmly help me to develop not only a technique, but also a practical process that I can easily apply to students of all levels.

I have learned to entertain thoughts on canvas, and embraced the creative process freely without judgments. For me, every painting experience is a lesson, which allows me to dive deeper, and grow from within.

My ritual before painting is simple, flexible and refreshing. Sometimes I choose my subject matter, and other times it chooses me. As the sparks of inspiration start to appear, the creative process begins to reveal itself. This for me lays the groundwork for playtime, yes that is correct, playtime in the field of countless, infinite possibilities.

Opening the doors to Lucy’s Art Studio & Gallery, was one of happiest days of my life. Little did I know it would illuminate a new beginning for my path.

My newfound passion for teaching came with challenges of trust, and belief in myself. Slowly I started to embrace my inner voice, finding confidence, and most of all worth. The process of allowing myself to become vulnerable, was a huge part of discovering who I am, “an artist who loves to teach and create.”

I am thankful to every student that has allowed me the opportunity to guide him/her with love, kindness and trust. Simply put, they have been my greatest teachers. As a result of my work, I have gradually built my own community of artist, and met some truly amazing creative women. I truly believe when you do what you love, coupled with enthusiasm, devotion, and purpose, you serve the world around you.

Through my continuous desire to inspire through art, I have created my first Coloring Book Color Jordan Beautiful.

Excitedly, I gathered all my countless sketches, inspired from living in Jordan, and created a coloring book that I am truly proud of. As a child, one of my most cherished memories was my love for coloring books. As an adult I came to realize those coloring books were therapeutic in quieting my mind, which allowed me to think and be calm, thus giving me the space to relax as a child.